A New Year, a New Beginning

Celebrate the new year

As the year nears an end, we need to reflect on what we’ve gone through, accomplished, failed at, succeeded in, and most importantly; what am I going to do differently in the following year to change your life positively. We need to be excited about what the future holds. Personally, I’ve gone through many ups and downs during the course of 2020, COVID19, financial and emotional stress, overbearing uncertainty, and more. What sets you apart is how you use what you’ve gone through to make changes for the better.

A few positives have sprung out of the woodwork:

  • I’ve adopted another dog into my life – his name is Rat.
  • Got promoted during one of the most difficult periods of our generation(extremely thankful for that)
  • I started AND finished my new portfolio website that I’ve been dreading to complete for far too long.
  • Booked a wedding venue for my fiance and I.

Big end of year celebrations

One thing I’ve learnt throughout this period of unrest and sadness is to be kind to yourself, and those around you. Don’t leave work on a bad note with your significant other, be kind to the homeless person you pass on your way to work everyday, hand out compliments to random strangers; it’s free? Too often we go through life in a blur without realising small gestures and acts of kindness can make a world of a difference for someone else. All that said, let’s end this year with a good spirit and prepare for what comes in the new year.


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